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    3 Facility Management Trends You Should Know

    facility management

    Managing the day-to-day needs of your real estate can be complex and time-consuming, and ineffective management can negatively impact your bottom line and your customers or staff. Learning about the latest trends and best practices in facility management can help you maximize the value, functionality, and efficiency of your facilities.

    Facility management involves the proactive and reactive maintenance required to maintain the desired value, functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of your building(s). Facility management adds value to your portfolio by reducing costs, improving organizational culture, improving the work environment, and enhancing security.

    Now is the perfect time to reevaluate your facility management strategy and find the right solution for your company. Below are three major trends that will impact facility management this year and beyond.

    1. Adapting to New Office Environments

    With younger generations joining the workforce and newer work models with different priorities, facilities managers may need to adjust physical office space, security requirements, and utility use.

    Remote Work and Hybrid Schedules

    As remote work and hybrid schedules become more commonplace, employers might be in and out of the office at different times, and need resources unexpectedly and unpredictably. For example, you may need a smaller space with adjusted amenities due to more employees working from home.

    Because of this change to office environments, facilities managers will need to consider how to optimize space management, utility consumption, and security.


    Collaborative workspaces are vital as younger generations step into the workspace. Employees are seeking more and more opportunities for collaboration, which includes physical spaces as well as digital tools. If your existing space is not suitable for collaboration, rearrangement or renovation may be necessary.

    2. Embracing Technology

    Adopting new technologies relevant to commercial real estate management can help you run smoother operations and improve employee satisfaction.

    Management Systems

    Utilizing a building management system and software can help you tackle challenges surrounding day-to-day building operations. An integrated building management system (BMS) entails connecting technology to streamline operations and procedures to help you run a smarter building. The right BMS can result in reduced operating costs, valuable data insights, and increased property value.

    Companies are also taking advantage of computerized maintenance management systems (CMMS). Some benefits of cloud-based CMMS include faster and less expensive service, greater accessibility and availability, improved collaboration, easy data sharing, and real-time monitoring and updates.

    Work Order Systems

    Work order requests address facilities management issues that arise quickly and effectively. Implementing intuitive work order software can result in better time management, along with quantifiable cost savings. 

    3. Incorporating Sustainability and Efficiency

    Prioritizing sustainability in facility management practices can lead to both better working conditions for employees and lower operational costs for your organization. Here are just a few ways to incorporate sustainability and efficiency into your FM. 

    Reduced Carbon Footprint

    With an overall increased focus on environmental issues, businesses are seeking ways to reduce their carbon footprint and increase efficiency. Sustainable practices include energy-efficient lighting, recycling programs, and building operations optimization. 

    Sensor Technology

    Many facilities are deploying sensor technology throughout buildings. These intelligent devices can communicate with HVAC systems to ensure high levels of efficiency depending on how many people are in the building and where they are located. Energy savings with sensor-driven building optimization can reach 40%.

    Rooftop Solar Panels

    As more companies look for sustainable alternatives, the use of rooftop solar panels on commercial buildings has become increasingly widespread. The benefits include: 

    •  Lower electric bills.
    •  Green brand image.
    •  An increase in property value.
    •  Tax breaks.
    •  Mitigation of power outage risk.

    Getting ahead of facility management trends like evolving office spaces, advanced technology, and sustainability can give your company an unexpected edge, and increase the value of your real estate portfolio.

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