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    Property Condition Assessment

    What is a Property Condition Assessment?

    A property condition assessment, or a commercial real estate PCA, is an evaluation of real estate via a thorough inspection and assessment in which all systems and improvements are reviewed.

    How Does Allegro help?

    We assemble a team of experts and tour the subject property, gather recommendations and cost estimates, and create an actionable plan to address deficiencies.

    Who is a Property Condition Assessment for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Considering the purchase of real estate
    • Needing help with capital planning
    • Considering the disposition of owned real estate and interested in understanding deferred maintenance

    What are the benefits of a Property Condition Assessment?

    • Identification of deficiencies
    • Development of proposed solutions and corresponding estimated costs
    • Confident and educated framework for long-term capital planning
    For Example...

    Allegro conducted a property condition assessment for a healthcare provider that allowed them to acquire a new facility with ease.

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