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    Healthcare systems are growing rapidly, making it hard to keep up with your already large and complex real estate portfolio. With medical facilities being some of the costliest to build-out, there‘s a lot at stake. When acquiring physician groups, the real estate acquired is often less than optimal from a patient perspective. It’s crucial you have a partner who understands how important it is to provide the right care in safe, clean, and high-performing environments as close to patients as possible, and still be in line with your real estate objectives.

    How Does Allegro Help Healthcare Systems?

    At Allegro, we have unique differentiators  when compared to conventional real estate brokers — our employees are salaried, we exclusively serve occupiers of real estate, and we are an independent firm. These three attributes have allowed us to eliminate internal and external conflicts of interest so you can trust we’re providing unbiased real estate guidance to your organization with your patients’ care as the core focus.

    We supplement your in-house team, taking a strategic approach to healthcare real estate that creates structure and ensures that decision-making is proactive, not reactive. Whether we are providing a Broker Opinion of Value so that you can understand fair market value of your asset or are helping you acquire MOBs or ASCs with access to the plumbing, wiring, sound, and radiation proofing you need, we take the complexity out of medical real estate decision making so that, together, we can achieve more accessible care and better patient outcomes.

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