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    Vendor/Developer Selection

    What is Vendor/Developer Selection?

    Vendor selection is the crucial process of selecting the right, strategic partner for a sale/ leaseback, large-scale design or construction project, public private partnership or other vendors related to real estate.

    How Does Allegro help?

    We identify your project criteria and objectives, identify vendors or developers, develop RFPs or RFQs, evaluate proposals or responses, facilitate presentations and interviews, recommend finalists, and manage negotiations.  

    Who are Vendor/Developer Selection Services for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Looking to select a strategic real estate vendor/partner/developer and desiring the external validation and industry knowledge provided by an outside advisor
    • Public Private Partnerships
    • Build to Suit Relationships
    • Architects
    • Software Solutions

    What are the benefits of Vendor/Developer Selection Services?

    • Trusted decision-making methodology and process for business case development and decision making
    • Insulated negotiations, led by Allegro, preserving the ongoing business relationship
    • External validation for the negotiation of market fee structures for vendor/developer partnership
    • Coordinated access to national vendors and developers in Allegro’s database
    For Example...

    Allegro helped JCU strategically select a property manager for their diverse real estate portfolio.

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