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    Rising trends, such as ecommerce and the expectation of same- or next-day delivery, have transformed the logistics industry. Whether you’re warehousing raw materials, parts, or finished goods, the right space — in terms of location, size, and other building attributes — is crucial to your success. Real estate that is a poor fit can cost you unnecessary transportation expenses, customer or vendor trust, and valuable opportunities. Facilities must be chosen strategically and negotiations must be handled carefully. Finding and closing on the right logistics space takes time and energy that most organizations simply do not have.

    How Does Allegro Help Logistics Companies?

    Our unique business model and key differentiators, which include salaried employees, exclusive occupier focus, and global independence, allow us to eliminate internal and external conflicts of interest, and offer advantages to the logistics industry that cannot be matched by conventional real estate brokers.

    We have a deep understanding of the supply chain and take a comprehensive approach to logistics transactions — from carefully defining selection criteria and completing extensive market research to providing decision support and executing competitive negotiations on your behalf. This results in real estate that allows you to efficiently manage the modern supply chain and meet customer and vendor expectations.

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    What are the top trends in logistics real estate? What are common warehouse features? What does the logistics real estate process look like?

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