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    Lease Administration

    What is Lease Administration?

    Commercial lease administration involves collecting, uploading, and monitoring all lease data in a centralized database.

    How does Allegro help?

    We assemble your custom lease database, keep it up-to-date with real-time lease changes, provide consistent reporting, and train your key personnel to use the system as needed. 

    This web-based, centralized repository allows you to proactively manage critical lease dates to identify opportunities and inform business strategy, such as transaction planning and future lease negotiations.


    Discover the 6 things you need to keep in mind when choosing the right Lease Management software.

    Who is Lease Administration for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Manage a portfolio of real estate with multiple leases and critical dates
    • Currently lack a centralized, well-managed inventory of leases
    • Value reliable record-keeping of real estate obligations and documentation

    What are the benefits of Lease Administration?

    • Centralized, accessible database of all lease portfolio data
    • Ability to use data for benchmarking, reporting, and strategy development
    • Regular monitoring, updating, and reporting on lease portfolio
    • Confidence in timely notifications to maintain leverage in lease negotiations

    To improve the way Millcraft managed and organized their lease documentation, we implemented a lease administration software solution.

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