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    Local, state and federal governments are continuously experiencing fiscal pressures and working towards doing more with less. The duty to maximize taxpayer dollars and minimize mistakes can be complex and challenging. As a decision maker in the public sector, it is crucial to partner with an expert who can ensure you are making the best decisions about your real estate.

    How Does Allegro Help Governments?

    We have three very unique differentiators at our firm — our employees are salaried (not commission-based), we only serve users and occupiers of real estate (which means we’re never representing the people you’re negotiating against – mainly landlords and developers), and we’re independent, so we’re not beholden to a large national franchise. While these things help our clients tremendously, it’s our consultative approach and understanding of the pressures being dealt with that allow us to meet the unique challenges faced by those in the public sector. 

    Whether you’re looking to acquire, dispose of, optimize, or better manage your real estate, we are with you every step of the way, providing objective third-party advice and guidance so that you can make strategic, informed decisions, maximize taxpayer dollars, and feel confident you’ve made the best decisions. 

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