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    Facility Management

    What is Facility Management?

    Facility management involves the proactive and reactive maintenance required to preserve the value, functionality, comfort, safety, and efficiency of your real estate portfolio or asset.

    How Does Allegro help?

    If you are looking to augment or outsource facilities management, we can support your current in-house resources or become your single-source facility management solution. 

    We familiarize ourselves with your properties, set budget and portfolio expectations, process work orders, conduct preventive maintenance, implement work audits and quality control, provide custom reporting, and review and monitor performance.


    Work orders play a crucial role in successful CRE facilities management. Discover how to get your staff more comfortable with placing them.

    Who are Facility Management Services for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Occupying real estate and are responsible for its upkeep
    • Looking to control maintenance costs
    • Looking to leverage outside expertise and resources
    • Struggling to respond to work orders and keep up with preventative maintenance

    What are the benefits of Facility Management Services?

    • Access to a full team of professionals without the overhead
    • Proactive and responsive attention to maintenance needs across the portfolio
    • Safe and clean facility environments
    • Time freed up for existing staff to focus on job-specific responsibilities and not real estate
    • Increased morale and satisfaction in your workplace with regard to facility issues
    For Example...

    We work with a non-profit to achieve its mission through facility management services.

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