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    Broker Opinion of Value

    What is a Broker Opinion of Value (BOV)?

    A broker opinion of value (BOV) is an estimate of the fair market value or fair market rental rate of a property in the context of current and near-term market conditions.

    How Does Allegro help?

    By identifying rental and economic trends, analyzing comparable properties that have recently been leased or sold or that are currently being marketed, and layering in customized real estate data to gain a more accurate comparison, we complete a comprehensive commercial real estate valuation so that you can make more informed and strategic decisions.

    Who is a Broker Opinion of Value for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Looking to compare their purchase/sale price or their rental rate to the broader market
    • Seeking a real estate valuation as part of a merger or acquisition process

    What are the benefits of a Broker Opinion of Value?

    • Market based valuation framework incorporating forward looking market dynamics
    For Example...

    Allegro provided FLEXcon with a comprehensive understanding of their property values in comparison to current market dynamics to aid in decision-making.

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