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    Data Centers

    We know how important it is for data centers to be sited correctly and to have the resources they need, including access to the right power, water, sewer infrastructure and fiber networks. Many sites may be strong with respect to one or two of these requirements but the challenge lies in finding a site that meets all the utility requirements and enough capacity to support the use.

    How Does Allegro Help Data Centers?

    Aside from our three unique differentiators — our employees are salaried, we serve only users of real estate, and we are an independent firm — our methodical and proven approach to solving data center real estate challenges sets us apart from conventional brokers. 

    At the beginning of our site selection process, we contact community partners, land owners and utility representatives to identify areas and individual opportunities within a region that will be best able to support data centers. By beginning the process with this research, we maximize time and resources by only analyzing regions and sites that will work for the intended use.  Once a site is identified, Allegro guides due diligence activities and works with the local municipality to ensure entitlements are secured.

    Providing real estate solutions for data centers is highly sensitive work, and we have extensive experience serving very large organizations who demand confidentiality and discreteness every step of the way.

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