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    Portfolio Optimization

    What is Portfolio Optimization?

    Portfolio optimization is a review of a real estate portfolio to identify efficiencies, reduce costs, enhance strategy, maximize the value of the assets, and ultimately support business strategy.

    How Does Allegro help?

    By evaluating all facets of your owned and leased properties, scenario modeling, and more, we develop short, medium, and long-term real estate goals and an actionable plan for each property within your portfolio that will allow you to achieve these goals.


    Ensure your commercial real estate portfolio is continuously optimized to meet your business objectives.

    Who are Portfolio Optimization Services for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Looking to reduce real estate costs or extract financial value from real estate assets
    • Seeking to align portfolio to changing business or mission driven goals
    • Wishing to increase efficiency of real estate portfolio
    • Implementing new portfolio management tools or systems (people, processes, and technology)

    What are the benefits of Portfolio Optimization?

    • Reduced costs and improved cash flow
    • Strategic alignment of real estate to organizational goals
    • Improved management tools, dashboards, KPIs, and clear financial controls
    • Increased efficiency and real estate aligned with new working patterns
    For Example...

    We provided Medical Mutual with a strategic real estate plan that set them up for strategic, operational, cultural, and financial success in the future.

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