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    Project Management

    What is Project Management?

    Whether you’re building a new location or completing an office renovation, a commercial real estate project manager oversees the project from conception to completion.

    How Does Allegro help?

    We assemble the design team, solicit proposals from and execute contracts with architects, engineers, and construction firms, define scope, manage the permit process, lead calls and meetings, work closely with the general contractor to ensure timely and on-budget construction, and ultimately obtain a Certificate of Occupancy for the completed space.

    Who are Project Management Services for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Looking to build a new facility
    • Completing a renovation project
    • Seeking a partner to keep a construction project on time and within budget

    What are the benefits of Project Management Services?

    • Working with a professional who has a network of existing relationships with architects, engineers, and construction firms
    • Productive meeting cadence and format that keeps the project on-track
    • A construction project aligned with your business objectives completed on time and within budget
    For Example...

    Alongside a building architect, third-party designer, and landlord, Allegro worked to coordinate the construction of Parkland’s new office. 

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