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    Professional Services

    For professional services firms providing marketing, accounting, engineering, architectural, and insurance services, corporate image, occupancy costs and work environment are crucial to the success of your business. The space from which you work can contribute to employee retention, production and profitability and sets a tone for clients and vendors who visit.

    Maybe you need to rethink your space to accommodate for hoteling or free address models. Perhaps you need a space that will foster a more collaborative environment to attract and retain talent. Or, maybe you’re just looking to realize cost efficiencies through corporate real estate. 

    How Does Allegro Help Professional Services Firms?

    We have three unique differentiators when compared to typical real estate brokers — our employees are salaried, we exclusively serve tenants, and we are an independent firm. Beyond these factors that would benefit any user of real estate, we pride ourselves on being consultative, methodical and creative with our approach to problem-solving, much like other professional service providers. Our proven processes allow us to aid those within the professional services industry in making informed, business-driven decisions regarding their real estate.

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