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    Portfolio Management

    What is Portfolio Management?

    Commercial real estate portfolio management includes managing all key information, documents, and dates relating to real estate holdings (owned or leased), and reporting this data on a regular basis.

    How does Allegro help?

    Managing more than a handful of properties can be time- and resource-consuming. We offer a solution that allows you to put your portfolio in our hands and receive executive-level reporting and process management. 


    Discover how your real estate portfolio can impact three key aspects of your business.

    Who is Portfolio Management for?

    Organizations who are:

    • Overseeing regional, national, or global real estate portfolios
    • Looking to proactively manage their real estate portfolio, drive strategy, and seeking better visibility into their portfolio holdings

    What are the benefits of Portfolio Management?

    • Orchestrated real estate strategy that supports operational strategy
    • Centralized real estate data, decision making, and dedicated resources for business units

    We helped an international tire distributor optimize their 2.5 million square-foot facility through ongoing portfolio management.

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