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    Allegro Developed a Delivery Model for Progressive Insurance's new Service Centers in 45 States



    In its continual refinement of customer service, Progressive Insurance, a Fortune 500 auto insurance company, identified an alternative approach to providing vehicle repair services to its customers. This new approach required the development of “service centers” that allowed the company to influence its customers’ experience in the vehicle repair component of the automotive claim process. New service centers would be developed and leased throughout the company’s geographic presence in 45 states. The forecasted volume and timeframe of this initiative required a new approach to real estate product delivery. The company called on Allegro to develop a delivery model that was responsive to this initiative’s requirements.


    Allegro identified and evaluated alternative models for delivering a large volume of newly developed and leased properties in a compressed period of time throughout the United States. Current leasing practices were evaluated along with new means for achieving the desired outcome. Allegro also evaluated the client’s internal capacity to process the volume of transactions that the initiative would create and the delivery model would influence. The upstream and downstream activities – both in-sourced and out-sourced – related to the delivery of each service center was also evaluated to identify how each alternative model influenced, and was influenced by, these activities. Allegro provided the client with an innovative approach that minimized transaction cycle time for the service center real estate developer and the claims group, allowed for uniform leasing terms and conditions across broad segments of its portfolio, eliminated redundant touch points in the development cycle and created capacity to handle the forecasted transaction volume.