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    Goldfarb Weber Media



    Goldfarb Weber Creative Media, a cutting-edge digital filmmaking company located in downtown Cleveland for over 40 years, was in the process of launching a re-brand of their organization, evaluating how to better connect two separate non-contiguous office suites in the same building, and assessing the ideal location for their business with a pending lease expiration fast approaching. Goldfarb Weber turned to the team at Allegro to advise them on possible non-traditional office space alternatives in the downtown office market, and handle negotiations with their existing landlord.


    Allegro assisted Goldfarb Weber in developing and understanding the critical project strategy and selection criteria that would be used to evaluate options. Using this method, the team conducted market research, screened opportunities and identified eight different properties in the downtown office market that met locational, functional and financial requirements. After the tours, five buildings were deemed to be realistic opportunities. Allegro designed and drafted individual RFP’s that were tailored to each building and addressed the needs of Goldfarb Weber. Multiple rounds of leveraged negotiations between each of the five RFP recipients yielded a full understanding of the most competitive business terms in the market for Goldfarb Weber to evaluate. All proposals were quantitatively and qualitatively analyzed. Ultimately, with Allegro as their advisor, Goldfarb Weber was able to negotiate a new lease with their existing landlord that afforded them the chance to consolidate their two suites and meet all of the predetermined requirements.

    Client Testimonial
    The team at Allegro enabled us to look at all the qualified downtown options, and helped us make the right choice for our company’s location. Because of their dedication and expertise, we could continue focusing on our business, and know that they were committed to helping us make the best decision possible.
    –Tony Weber, CEO, Goldfarb Weber Creative Media