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    Helping a Local Non-Profit Achieve Its Mission Through Facilities Management Services


    Recovery Resources, a Cleveland-based nonprofit organization that provides mental health, behavioral health, and recovery services, needed facilities management assistance for its collection of properties. Following the retirement of their long time facilities manager, they  initially attempted to hire in-house support. After a long search, and a few setbacks, it soon became apparent that an outside facilities management service provider was the best solution for their needs. That’s when they reached out to the Allegro Real Estate Brokers & Advisors facilities management team. 

    The Allegro facilities management team supports organizations by maintaining and improving their facilities or properties. While the team offers a menu of services to clients, some of their most common services include:

    • Receiving and fulfilling building maintenance work orders.
    • Assisting with the preparation of operating budgets.
    • Reviewing financial statements and invoices.
    • Leveraging contractor partnerships to complete building repairs.
    • Managing vendors. 
    • Capital needs assessments and long term capital planning.
    • Overseeing regulatory and licensing agency compliance for a number of programs, including health care, behavioral health, and early learning. 

    For Recovery Resources, Allegro’s experienced facilities management team was exactly what they were looking for to ensure their recovery facilities had maintenance needs met quickly and with care.

    Coordinating a Major Apartment Renovation Amid a Headquarters Exit

    The first and most pressing issue Recovery Resources needed to resolve was the renovation of a six-unit apartment building. This apartment building was a central part of Recovery Resources’ mission (comprising more than 10% of its total housing units), and it needed a significant overhaul. Once the details were worked out, Allegro coordinated each aspect of the renovation of the building, helping them provide upgraded living conditions to those in recovery. 

    Allegro also transitioned Recovery Resources out of their 30,000-square-foot headquarters location during the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic. With another headquarters building already in use and much of their team working remotely, Recovery Resources realized this property was no longer a valuable asset to their organization. Thus, they turned to Allegro to coordinate both the move and sale of the building. 

    Prior to the disposition of the headquarters, the Allegro team helped Recovery Resources move desks, furniture, technology items, and other essential infrastructure out of the building. Prior to disposal of these office items, Allegro coordinated an internal “yard sale” for Recovery Resources employees to claim furniture, appliances and supplies, which were not going to be moved into the other facility, for use in their remote or new office locations. 

    Upon completion of the “yard sale,” Allegro’s facilities management team coordinated with a professional moving company to ensure all leftover items were responsibly disposed of. 

    One of the most significant aspects of this project was the sale of three Recovery Resources vehicles. To save the team time and hassle, Allegro coordinated the sale and disposal of all three vehicles, ultimately securing funds that could be used to further the agency’s mission. 

    As the building was properly cleaned out by Allegro’s facilities management team, Recovery Resources also solicited the help of Allegro’s brokers to list and manage the sale of the building. 

    Allegro Oversees Ongoing Projects to Help Recovery Resources Serve Cleveland 

    With about 40 residential housing units, Recovery Resources must ensure that any issues that arise in their facilities are remedied quickly and professionally. For each of their units, the non-profit relies on Allegro’s work order system. This enables Recovery Resources to easily enter work orders and Allegro to efficiently address needs as they occur, 24 hours per day, seven days per week.

    In addition to managing regular work orders, Allegro also provides preventative maintenance and ensures that Recovery Resources remains proactive in detecting issues before they become larger problems—or problems at all. Allegro conducts routine safety inspections of fire extinguishers, fire alarms, emergency lights, light fixtures, HVAC systems, elevator functionality, and more throughout each of Recovery Resources’ facilities. Allegro also coordinates regular fire drills to comply with area laws and regulations. 

    One of the most significant ways Allegro supports the continuation of Recovery Resources’ facilities and services is through their preparation for the annual Alcohol, Drug Addiction, & Mental Health Services (ADAMHS) Board housing inspection. The Board oversees recovery housing quality in Ohio, ensuring that tenants’ facilities are safe and up to code.

    Allegro’s attention to detail in preparing the facilities for inspection is significantly important to the organization’s mission since ADAMHS controls the funding Recovery Resources receives. In the most recent inspection period for which Allegro prepared the facilities, ADAMHS uncovered virtually no findings or issues with the facilities. The housing inspector shared his appreciation for the noticeable improvement in the condition of the facilities, compared to previous years.

    The Benefits of Working with Allegro’s Experienced Facilities Management Team

    Partnering with an experienced facilities management team, like Allegro, allows Recovery Resources to focus on what matters most for their organization—providing community members with the mental health and recovery services they need. A partnership with Allegro also yields the following benefits. 

    Efficient Work Order Process

    Through ongoing projects, Allegro’s relationship with Recovery Resources means that work orders are taken care of nearly as quickly as they’re submitted. Once received, the client receives professional repairs from either Allegro specialists or a trusted third-party vendor as soon as possible.  

    Trusted Vendor Relationships  

    Allegro’s facilities management team has developed trusting relationships with a variety of reputable vendors and contractors. This network of specialists allows Allegro to complete projects for Recovery Resources, no matter the scope. If a job requires outside help, the client does not pay an additional markup.

    Flexible Team of Specialists 

    The Allegro facilities management team is composed of maintenance technicians that provide a broad range of knowledge and experience, and a custodial technician to handle the day-to-day responsibilities. The facilities management team also provides Recovery Resources, and all of their clients, with access to a management team that brings decades of experience in all aspects of facilities management. This range of highly specialized talent ensures that all of their clients facilities management needs are met. 

    While Allegro has already helped Recovery Resources with two of its largest projects, the non-profit plans to retain Allegro to continue to handle all of their facilities management needs. Their expertise, timeliness, and compassionate approach make them a valuable member of the Recovery Resources team. Each member of the Allegro facilities management team is proud to contribute to Recovery Resources’ mission of connecting the community with the behavioral health services and safe living spaces they deserve. 

    Could your organization benefit from experienced facilities management support? We can help. Contact us to discuss your facilities management needs today.