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    Allegro Facilitated the Strategic Planning Process for a Major Hospital System Reorg



    A major hospital system was in the process of reorganizing its senior management team. The real estate director identified an opportunity to proactively improve the real estate department to support the broader strategic changes of the organization. The client was interested in identifying new opportunities to improve departmental processes and systems as well as determining new initiatives to align with the future direction of the hospital system. The client engaged Allegro to facilitate the strategic planning process.


    Allegro began the strategic assessment by helping the client translate the strategic objectives into real estate department activities and functions. Allegro guided the client to focus on ways to improve the real estate department by reviewing existing processes, organizations, and systems and compiling and analyzing historical project data. Allegro assisted the client in evaluating: the department’s organizational structure; the time allocation to various types of real estate projects; the strategic alignment of project types to the mission of the hospital system; connections to other departments; and technology utilized to facilitate real estate decisions. Allegro helped the client to identify success stories and lessons learned from projects in general decision-making, leasing, site assemblage, real estate gifts, and other real estate practices, and emphasized strengths and opportunities for improvement.

    Allegro identified external trends in the health care field and corporate real estate arenas and developed case studies on best practices. These external models were used to identify opportunities for improvement in the client’s real estate department.

    Allegro prioritized the improvement opportunities and developed an implementation plan with short-, mid-, and long-term initiatives. The client immediately adopted some of the short-term improvements related to internal processes. Initiatives to address the mid- and long-term projects are currently in process.