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    Saint Martin de Porres High School



    Saint Martin de Porres High School, an inner city parochial school, projected enrollment growth which it was not able to accommodate with its existing facility. The client was unable to determine how much space was required, what options for expansion were available, or what implications would result from expansion. The school was located in a densely populated urban neighborhood with a wide range of adjacent property types including commercial, industrial, and residential properties in various states of ownership with various encumbrances, as well as owners with objectives and goals different from the school’s objectives. Allegro was engaged to identify the expansion options and to create a process for evaluating and determining the most appropriate and feasible alternative.


    Allegro worked with the client to determine their estimated size and facility requirements and to establish key location criteria. Allegro then conducted site research and identified 11 potential expansion alternatives. Allegro developed a matrix to quantitatively evaluate the sites based on development and community variables with criteria weighted according to the client’s perceived importance.

    Allegro’s evaluation of location alternatives provided the client with the information needed to narrow down the options to three viable alternatives which would enable the creation of a campus setting. Allegro was then engaged to assess the title restrictions and to develop the acquisition and implementation strategy for the optimal location.