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    5 Trends in Law Firm Office Spaces


    As law firms’ use of office space continues to evolve, the health and happiness of employees remains a top priority.

    Choosing the right law firm office can be complicated, but making the right decision can not only support your employees’ wellness, but also attract top talent and help your organization meet its business goals. Buildings with amenities like advanced technology, social experiences, and fitness centers are critical.

    Below are five top trends in law firm office space. Read on to discover how they can help you select the right commercial real estate for your firm.

    1. Emphasis on Home-Like Features

    How can employers encourage attorneys and support staff to return to the office? Amenities that employees can’t get at home—but make the office feel like home—are in-demand. 

    Features like concierge services and coffee baristas can add an element of luxury to an office, while green spaces and outdoor patios encourage relaxation. Comfortable furniture and specific design elements (think: wall art or office decor) also contribute to the home-like atmosphere of an office space. 

    2. Health and Wellness Conveniences

    Fitness centers and healthy dining options are straightforward examples of an office space’s commitment to employee wellness. However, it’s also important to consider how the infrastructure of a building can contribute to overall employee health. 

    Features like updated HVAC systems and premium air filtering, combined with windows that provide ample access to natural light, can lead to pleasant indoor working conditions. These amenities can also reduce the likelihood of employees contracting illnesses from insufficient ventilation and other issues.

    Consider this example, where Allegro helped a Cleveland-based law firm move from a17,000-square-foot space in an older downtown building to a 25,000- to 30,000-square-foot space in a newer downtown building, complete with lakefront views and a private elevator. 

    3. Strong Social and Company Culture Impact 

    In an industry like law, where hybrid work is increasingly popular, employers must consider the in-office experience they can offer their staff—otherwise, why should they leave their home? Gone are the days where a simple cubicle is a sufficient work environment.

    Gathering areas like lounges, tenant bars or restaurants, and rooftop terraces promote opportunities for social interactions and company culture development. Similarly, mentoring and knowledge-sharing spaces can lead to a more collaborative firm overall. 

    4. Technological Advancements

    Hybrid work has resulted in the rise of video conferencing, leading to the need for faster, more advanced technology in law firm offices. 

    Modern law firms have made use of cloud computing, secured networks, high speed internet, and physical “Zoom rooms” for video conferencing. Having the right technology in place in an office can increase staff productivity and efficiency, optimize workflows, and enhance service offerings.

    5. Accessibility and Proximity to Amenities

    Today’s employees want to work in buildings that are easily accessible and offer flexible parking options. Shorter commutes, whether by bike, foot, or vehicle, are important to better employee physical and mental health. 

    The right law firm office location can also offer employees a break and even provide opportunities to host clients. This is especially true when the office is within walking distance to dining, retail, or fitness options.

    Selecting a law firm office is a critical decision—and understanding the trends that inform these decisions is key to offering your employees the best working experience possible.