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    Case Western Reserve University Engaged Allegro to Develop an Efficient Property Portfolio Management Structure



    Case Western Reserve University (CWRU) manages a portfolio of properties through a dual service delivery model using in-house and outsourced resources. The Office of Real Estate at CWRU was interested in reviewing the entire portfolio to determine the most efficient portfolio management structure for all components.


    Allegro was engaged to develop an understanding of the most efficient portfolio management structure, from the perspective of a private sector owner/operator/manager, to identify best practices that could be applied to CWRU’s situation. Specifically, Allegro conducted a two-phased analysis.

    In order to support CWRU’s needs, Allegro interviewed five private-sector management firms. The firms interviewed included those managing similarly sized portfolios with properties located across the country. The focus of the interviews was threefold: first, to develop a series of themes in multifamily portfolio management; second, to understand various management philosophies, processes, and approaches; and third, to consider how each firm would manage a hypothetical portfolio that mirrored CWRU’s. These interviews, and the qualitative data developed during discussions, were presented both as case studies and specific organization charts permitting CWRU to gain an understanding of how private sector firms managing similar portfolios approach critical portfolio management functions and structure service delivery. The organization charts provided CWRU a snapshot of each firm’s management approach, philosophy, and model and applied it against a hypothetical portfolio similar to CWRU’s. Finally, Allegro reviewed and analyzed the suggested alternative models in the context of CWRU’s portfolio and made a recommendation on a preferred organizational structure.