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    A Fortune 500 specialty steel manufacturer had recently acquired another steel producer and was in the second phase of post-acquisition consolidations. The consolidations created the need for additional office space at the acquiring company’s headquarters campus. It also required the development of a new 100,000 square foot on-campus office building to further consolidate operations from three disparate locations. The company called upon Allegro Realty Advisors to assist in developing and implementing an acquisition and financing strategy for the new office headquarters building.


    Allegro provided external leadership in the accomplishment of multiple initiatives to support the post-acquisition consolidation objectives. Allegro provided services to evaluate multiple alternatives of the new office development, including alternatives using public sector and port authority financing. Allegro developed and guided a process to identify prospective developers to build/lease the new building, managed a request for proposals and evaluation process, conducted detailed, complex financial analysis addressing both cash flow and financial statement impact, and assisted the client in the selection of its developer. Additionally, Allegro assembled property for the building site from different owners and relocated affected owners and/or occupants. Allegro also coordinated and negotiated financial incentives for the project with local government officials. Significant transaction structuring was coordinated by Allegro to ensure the client received the most competitive deal while meeting favorable corporate accounting treatment. Allegro provided significant project leadership and transaction assistance to the client in this very complex and highly visible project.