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    Allegro Completed A Strategic Facilities Plan for Cleveland Metropolitan School District



    Allegro served Cleveland Metropolitan School District in the development, refinement, and implementation of the $1.5 billion school facilities master plan. This project was initiated to assist the school district in developing a logic-based decision algorithm in determining the level of renovation to be applied to each of the over 120 school buildings in the portfolio. This model led to an outcome requiring extensive consensus building with numerous advocacy and interested groups, local political leaders, and parents and teachers. Allegro’s work has evolved to a focus on implementing the master plan through extensive property analysis and specific development planning and site selection. The decision algorithm has been adopted and applied by other large, urban school districts in the state as a sound framework for developing facilities master plans.


    Allegro has served Cleveland Metropolitan School District in two capacities over the past decade. Initially, Allegro was engaged to assist the school district in developing a Strategic Facilities Plan in compliance with a statewide initiative for the eight largest school districts in the state. Allegro facilitated the review, assessment, and stratification of the school district’s real estate portfolio comprised of approximately 6 million sq. ft. in 120 buildings. The properties were organized into categories to maintain, repair or consolidate/replace. Since then, Allegro has been engaged by the school district to identify, select, acquire, and assemble sites for new school buildings which are consistent with the Strategic Facilities Plan.