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    Rockefeller Park, an expansive green space in the City of Cleveland, was a grossly underutilized community asset. The utilization of the park was being considered as part of the comprehensive planning and development of the greater University Circle Area. ParkWorks, a non-profit organization which revitalizes urban parks and green spaces as community development tools, was tasked with invigorating Rockefeller Park in form and function. ParkWorks engaged Allegro to understand who owned the land and what restrictions existed that affected the development and transition of the park.


    Allegro worked with Chicago Title Insurance Company to demise the Project geography into sections and guide Chicago Title Insurance Company to perform title searches and summarize the key findings. Allegro analyzed over 1,000 pages of title documents, identifying building and development impediments and rights which could impact potential ParkWorks revitalization efforts. The abstracted data was enhanced with information from parcel and zoning research, Cuyahoga County Auditor information, interviews with the Cleveland City Planning Commission, assessment of federal restrictions, and additional research. 

    Allegro presented a deliverable to ParkWorks which included a bottom line assessment of the restrictions and expectations of the potential development of Rockefeller Park, a detailed spreadsheet of the restrictions, and zoning and land use maps created with the Cleveland City Planning Commission. 

    Allegro continued to assist ParkWorks by selecting and managing a survey company to delineate the exact geographical areas bound by the restrictions and by conducting additional research on The Cultural Gardens associated with Rockefeller Park.