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    Private Real Estate Developer



    A privately held real estate development and management company had successfully developed real estate in suburban areas in a major metroplex in the U.S. The company’s office and residential buildings benefited from the overlapping growth of the sprawling primary and secondary cities and the company was interested in duplicating this success by investing in similar markets in the U.S. The developer engaged Allegro to identify markets which could potentially meet their real estate investment objectives.


    Allegro developed a database with key demographics, including population growth, job growth, job classifications, and income levels, for all metropolitan statistical areas in the U.S. Data from the U.S. Census Bureau was enhanced with information garnered from conducting market research on population shifts and growth trends. Allegro then analyzed the data and isolated metroplexes and major markets whose demographics and dynamics were compatible to the developer’s home markets.

    Allegro created a process to compare and score the markets and then summarized the findings. Allegro’s deliverable and presentation provided the client with the information necessary to expand into new markets. Shortly after the study was completed, the client successfully expanded into one of the recommended markets.