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    A Northeast Ohio Municipality Hired Allegro to Perform an In-Depth Facility Assessment



    A northeast Ohio municipality hired Allegro to perform an in-depth facility assessment for 20 city-owned facilities totaling approximately 300,000 square feet. The facilities, which include City Hall, fire stations, service garages, maintenance buildings, refuse facilities, recreation centers, and social service centers, were in varying conditions and in need of repairs. The city had two main objectives:

    1. Identify which repairs were critical and determine an estimated cost of repair, and
    2. Provide a clearer picture of how the space was being utilized by the city department.


    Allegro assembled a team including an architect and a facility specialist. The architect conducted field verifications of each building’s condition and interviewed city department managers to establish the current use of space in each building. The facility specialist walked through all spaces to document and photograph areas of necessary repair, assessing factors such as overall condition, general maintenance, roof, exterior/façade, lighting, doors and windows, parking lot, landscape, building interior, electrical, and HVAC.

    Using the information gleaned from these efforts, Allegro prepared score cards for the city documenting the condition of each facility and detailing the risk level and cost exposure involved with each. Allegro drafted a five-year capital budget and a high-priority plan detailing the items that should be addressed immediately. They also provided full facility condition reports for the city’s records.

    Allegro prepared a detailed programming matrix profiling each facility’s usage. The matrix considered factors such as department program overlay, program details, the score card, the condition conclusion, and any other items of immediate concern.

    Ultimately, the comprehensive insight Allegro provided allowed city leaders to accurately assess suitability for current community functions, level of obsolescence, level of current maintenance, and anticipated future maintenance for each facility. Allegro maintains an ongoing partnership with the municipality.