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    Major U.S. Urban County



    For nearly a decade, several of Allegro’s Principals have served a major U.S. county in a variety of services. Initially, we were engaged to review, evaluate and redesign the county’s Lease Procurement Process. The existing process was evaluated on the basis of legislative compliance as well as public and private sector best practices. This engagement included the evaluation of an existing lease portfolio comprised of 55 downtown leases and 50 owned properties totaling more than 1.5 million sq. ft. of space. We were responsible for conducting lease audits involving accounting review and space measurement audits.


    Upon completion of the Process Design and Lease Audit initiative, Allegro demonstrated to the county its abilities to serve as a deeply qualified and objective advisor. For the next seven years, Allegro provided Portfolio Management Services, overseeing all projects in the county’s real estate portfolio. Throughout this engagement, projects included the site selection, assemblage and transaction management for several high-profile facilities, including a juvenile detention center, data center, nursing home, kennel facility, community based correctional facility, several welfare to work centers, engineering warehouses, justice department offices and others.
    Additionally, Allegro managed sequential real estate advisory studies to assist the county in devising a strategy, establishing space utilization, consolidation and adjacency, and evaluating options for the replacement of its administration building, a 600,000 sq. ft. endeavor currently underway.